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Reservation and routing system of the target floor

Relieves chaos conditions during peak hours of passenger flow
Lifting is optimized for different target levels. It reduces the passenger flow, even during peak hours (compared to the previous generation system).
Reduced parking time of the elevator sent to multiple different target floors and provides faster service to passengers.

]Input device of the target floor

The liquid crystal display of the target floor is mounted on the upper hall door. The display shows the relevant ground where the elevator is sent.


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Machine room elevator

Machine room elevators are the most commonly used systems in our country and in the world. The principle of operation is mainly based on the mechanization of the motor-motor mechanics by means of pulleys and ropes to give movement to the elevator car.

Machine room elevators; It is the elevator type where the elevator drive machine is located in a room on the elevator shaft. The elevators constructed in this way can be classified according to their transportation purposes such as human lifts, hoists, vehicle lifts, stretcher elevators, service elevators, and they can be classified as double speed, VVVF speed control according to control style.

Machine roomless lift

Easily converges with the building.
Saves on building costs.
Safe, flexible and innovative design.
It offers more design freedom.
Creates more space and value
Wide range of application

The machine cancels the room and puts the entire elevator in the well. Provides equipment space to architects or developers, reducing 40% of space. Improves building aesthetics, saves construction costs

  • Recovers 10% of the construction area
  • Saves up to 40% of electrical energy.
  • Increases productivity by 25% to 30%.
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Intellectual property is the developing trend of future elevators.

VVVF variable frequency door machine contol system

The door load detector is capable of self-adjusting. The elevator door increases the opening / closing sensitivity and provides reasonable on / off speed. Features multiple protection functions

Multi-function door system
Door detection sensor
Sensing sensor in the cab door
Light curtain door sensor with shutdown prompt signal
Line detector

Integrated control system

Combines with the latest generation industrial control technology and communication technology. Includes remote control, direct parking, closed circuit control technology, CANBUS communication technology, multiple CPU technology. The intellectual vector type forms the next generation of the integrated control system.

Long Distance Monitor System

In the center of the long-distance monitor, access to telephone network access, broadband internet access, wireless internet access and so on. Makes monitoring in real time with. This ensures passenger safety.

Group supervision system

According to the closest rule, it can conduct the intellectual and scientific dispatch quickly and effectively. It significantly increases the working efficiency by shortening passenger waiting time.

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Seamless harmony of green environments

Our arch-rival is not a specific enterprise, but a technology that is greener, but with the goal of contributing to a more sustainable and more beautiful world.

Energy saving elevator technology

Integrates energy-efficient elevator technology extensively.
Permanent magnet synchronous and gearless traction machine
Energy feedback technology
LED lighting system
Automatic lighting system in elevator cabin
Recycled packaging materials
Permanent magnet synchronous and gearless traction machine

The new generation permanent magnet synchronous traction machine with a weight of half the weight of conventional traction machines has a small mass. Easy installation and maintenance-free. The energy saving effect is 40% higher than the traditional one. LED lighting system

The LED lighting source has a long service life. It can reduce approximately 35% of power consumption. Its light transmittance and strong fire resistance match the glass wool ceiling material. The whole area is covered with a soft, and elegant light source. Automatic lighting system in elevator cabin

When the elevator is in sleep mode, it automatically closes the cabin fan and lighting. Saves energy and power in every detail. Prevents unnecessary electrical energy consumed by the elevator.
Energy feedback technology

The energy feedback technology implements the DSP central processor and PWM (pulse width modulation) technology. It converts the potential energy into electrical energy in downward movement at full load and upward movement in light load. It feeds back to the power grid and other power equipment. The elevator can reduce more than 30% of the energy consumption.

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There is no regular maintenance in elevators, malfunctions caused by lack of maintenance- not done by the authorized service
– User errors
– Failure due to low voltage or disconnection, overheating of motor and electrical control, overload or continuous operation and protection in elevator control system.Failure and malfunction maintenance is very low in elevators that are manufactured and assembled for their intended use and maintained by regular and authorized maintenance service.In order to benefit from the elevator with minimum failure and maximum efficiency, by its authorized service
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The purpose of the Elevator Operation, Maintenance and Periodic Control Regulation published in the Official Gazette No. 29396 dated 24 June 2015; to ensure that the lifts used in the transportation of people and / or loads are used in a way that does not threaten the health and safety of the environment, people and living things after they are put into service; To determine the rules to be followed for its operation, maintenance and annual controls.

Red Label
It is the label attached to unsafe elevators that carry high risks for your life and property safety and where incompatibilities are detected as soon as possible after the tests and inspections made by expert control engineers.

Yellow Label
It is the label attached to elevators that create an imperfect risk for your life and property safety after the tests and inspections made by expert control engineers in your elevators.

Blue Label
It is the label attached to elevators that create a slightly flawed risk for your life and property safety after the tests and inspections made by expert control engineers in your elevators.

Green Label
It is the label attached to suitable elevators that carry no risks for your life and property safety after the tests and inspections made by expert control engineers in your elevators.

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